FJR-3 Robot machine and production line

FinnJoint supplies also complete with FJR technology provided production lines...

Characteristic of FJR-3 robot machine is, as follows:

  • FinnJoint Invention is a high-tech CAD-CAM assisted production metod. The FinnJoint application and FJR Robots together have a complete tool for designing the construction and for PRE-cutting the timber.
  • FJR-3 pre-cut Robot Machine cut and form all for framing ready to assemble components.
  • FJR-3 Robot Machine is fully automatic and composed of modules, which process wooden component according needs.
    It's preferable to purchase Modular attachement with the basic machine, to be build in, e.g. finger joint, roof truss or other component for processing, as later purchased moduls increase the cost.
  • Specifications of row material and production:
    Max. size for timber: 50 x 259 x 6000mm (2" x 10" x 19'9").
    Max. speed on the line 1000mm/s (39"/s).
    Net. production of timber frame wall H=2500mm (8') is approx. 15m/h (50'/h) dependent of timber size.
  • Electric power input is 380V and 20A, compressed air 6 bar,250l/min.
  • Sawdust extraction system is essantial, but not included into basic delivery. 

Investment / overhead and working capital cost are low

Production of 2-3 houses / day of sizes appr. 120 - 150 m2, or appr. 600 houses / y, in one working shift. This production capacity needs factory floor area of appr. 300 m2.

Sizes of Robot Machine are small:

  • basic machine 2700 x 4500 mm and the timber feeder 2700 x 11000 mm total 2700 x 15500 mm
  • 1-2 skilled / unskilled labor operate the production
  • ow material waste, less than 5%