Welcome to FinnJoint web site, we build beautiful wooden houses.

Wooden houses are the most build family houses in industrialized countries like: North America, Canada, Australia, New Zeeland, Scandinavia and Finland. Wooden houses are also more and more "IN" by Central Europeen EU countries.

CompanyErkki Huppunen, the FinnJoint Inventor represent with his craftman skills as wooden houses builder the second generation, the first generation builder You can see "Father Huppunen", as the fifth person from the left.

FinnJoint proudly present to You the new Unique Production and Building Innovation for Pre-Cut Houses. Conventional platform technique is combined with a new high-tech CAD/CAM assisted FJR Robot Machine.

Together the FinnJoint higt-tech application and FJR-Robot Machine present a complete system for designing the construction and for pre-cut the timber.

The Innovation with performance of development the production by FinnJoint means that the company is today the market leader on the field of Pre-Cut and Prefab timber houses.

FinnJoint Pre-Cut-or Prefab technology offer many benefits to it's user, e.g:

1. The unique "tongue & groove" joint is the Key Factor to give the house frame 35% more strength and will ease and shorten considerable of erection time at the building site. Both beneficiary factors compared with traditional pre-cut systems.

2. The same FinnJoint Robot Machine can produce frames for conventional family houses as well as type of "thermo log houses".

3. Each house can be designed individually, according client's or architect's creative wishes. FinnJoint system doesn't limit room size, wall height / width or ceiling inclination e.t.c.

4. Its is well known that timber frame houses are most resistant in seismic areas. In many area after earthquake catastrophe's authority rebuild wooden houses.

5. Wooden houses are warm in winter and fresh in sommer, they are energy saving and offer inhabitants a pleasant, healthy and comfortable living atmosphere.

6. FinnJoint has adopted several ways of ecological building and manufacturing factors.

7. FinnJoint technology is patented.

8. FinnJoint FJR-production line present very high output against low investment cost. Larger Your housing projects are more benefit You will get by each build house.

Superiority of FinnJoint FJR3-Rrobot machine production and technology

  • Low investment cost
  • Production speed
  • Accurate joints (tongue & groove)
  • Superior strangth of frame
  • Easy and short erection time, a "Lego" for builder
  • e.t.c