Product range

  • Pre-cut /Platform houses. In factory ready components for house framing
  • Pre-cut / Prefab houses. In factory assembled, ready for setup
  • Ekorex houses
  • FinnJoint houses for seismic areas 
  • Industrial, Warehouses, Sport halls and other modular buildings with timber structure
  • Patented technology FinnJoint!
  • Tongue and Groove joints

Ecologic factors of FinnJoint .

FinnJoint has adopted several ways of ecological building and manufacturing:

  • Recycling of materials
  • Pre-cut wooden houses are energy saving
  • Wood is natur material offering a pleasant health atmosphere both in cold and hot countries
  • FinnJoint wooden houses are recommended in seismic areas 

Seismic advantages of wooden buildings 

  • The structure of wooden house is light, therefore in earrthquake event the horizontal forces are smaller than in buildings with heavy structure.  
  • Joints in FinnJoint structure are tough giving resistance against deformation
  • FinnJoint wooden houses are recommended in seismic areas
  • Plywood sheets are used for stiftening and reinforce structure

Delivery an setup of FinnJoint houses

  • All wooden components for pre-cut houses are ready cut, signed and packed per wall element. Wall element package as well as the element on erection drawing having the same indication.
  • Robot Machine use an inkjet to write an ID individuel number to each cut wooden component. Identique numbers are shown at erection dawings.
  • As the wall elements are packed and indicated one by one, according drawings, the delivery of wall element packages on correct place at the building site, is an easy work.
  • Above procedures in FinnJoint "tongue and groove" joint technology makes it a lot easier to erect this houses at building site. Compared with traditional pre-cut erection, the erection time with FinnJoint system can be 50-70% shorter.
  • Erection work is like a "LEGO  play" for children ! Labour don't need even tools like; saw, mesuring tape and hammer. Drawing show's the right place for components as well as wall elements. Level and nailing gun are needed for erection work. Unskilled local labour can be trained by FinnJoint  to do the erection work of FinnJoint houses.
  • In FinnJoint family houses in interior/exterior wall claddings can be used any usual material like; bricks, ABS chipboard, wooden panels with texture painting etc.
  • Holiday houses with outlook like thermo log houses, both in-and outside covering can be made with planed or semi-round log panels.
  • Transport cost are low as the packaging is compact and therefore the volumen wastes is small.